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All my life I’ve lived with this huge dilemma of choosing between my favorite superheroes and the anime characters I’ve adored. Seriously, if you saw me, you’d say I have OCD or something - my friends think so too.

It’s hard to explain - the fascination that went from an Anime character to a superhero in a day. This switch has been on and off - going crazy like a loose socket in my head all my life. I would be obsessed with superheroes for a while and there would be nothing else I could talk about. But once I was done, I would be obsessed with an Anime character - I continued switching back and forth my entire life.

There was a time when I couldn't live with the dilemma anymore and had to get my walls painted with different superheroes and anime characters - just to ease my mind. Literally, one wall would be painted with Goku on it while the opposite one would have Ironman on it.

The very same dilemma lays the foundation for this store. I mean I always wondered what it would be like to see my favourite Anime characters go up against each other. And to make that fantasy as real as I possibly could, this store came into existence.

Anime Gears started off as a small company that brought really cool different unique clothing to the world.Starting off, it was a small time 10,000 investment in my friend Carlos’s basement. From there on, we’ve grown and evolved into what we are today. Our store manufactures, distributes and wholesales over 7000 different products with 9-11 variations in sizes.

We have total of 80+ employees working in design, development, customer service, and mainly manufacturing.

For us these anime’s and superheroes were an integral part of our childhood - so these products mean something to us. And we hope to do the same for you so that you feel young, inspired and always ready to take on the world.

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